Architecture and Urban Planning

Nexogal creates architecture for a sustainable society and encourages to good environments where people can dwell in a well-balanced environment. Nexogal provides services related to the development of public services, management consulting, multi-sector training and urban planning, as well as building and renovation construction, and socioeconomic assessment. The company’s services also include sustainable development, strategic analysis, and feasibility studies. This widespread expertise enables inter-disciplinary coordination and is essential for success in large and complex assignments.

Building service systems

Homes and workplaces involve the bulk of society’s total energy consumption. Secondly, a comfortable environment is an essential factor both at home and on the work. Nexogal’s building service systems consultants give solutions for comfortable and safe buildings that match today’s strict energy performance criteria. The service offering is extensive and involves consultation, planning, design, and inspection of HVAC and sanitation, electrical, telecom and fire protection systems and systems integration.


Project Management

Communication and leadership are of central importance in operating complex projects running smoothly from start to finish. Nexogal’s project managers offer qualified project management and administration services and guide projects with high requirement on teamwork and a focus on outcomes. The services are provided in projects of all types, mainly in the construction and property sectors. The service offering also includes strategic consultation, facility management, risk analyses and performance management.

Institutional services

The successful implementation of a project or the development of sustainable business operations demands an efficient and flexible organisation. Nexogal provides services that support the transfer of knowledge and organisational development in order to carry out these outcomes. Through the establishment of guidelines and regulations, policy making, dedicated training courses, on the job training etc, Nexogal warrants lasting effects as an outcome of the performed assignments and the integrated know-how transfer among clients.

High value advisory consulting services are procured in sectors of investment and development, adequacy operation, government agencies, private firms and financial institutions to determine the best solutions to develop assets, to cost-effectively deliver services and to participate more efficiently.